• Cypress Court Motel
  • Whangarei Motel
  • Whangarei Motel - Waipu Coastal Track
  • Whangarei Motel - Harbour From Onerahi
  • Whangarei Motel - BOI Hole In Rock
  • Whangarei Motel boats
  • Whangarei Motel parihaka
  • Whangarei Motel waterfall
  • Waipu Coastal Track
  • Harbour From Onerahi
  • Bay of Islands Hole In Rock

Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand

"Come and stay with us while you explore Northland."

Whangarei is just a short 2-hour drive from Auckland and is known as the Gateway to New Zealand's Northland region with its gorgeous beaches, stunning scenery, its many marine activities, and its fascinating history.  Whangarei itself is a modern and vibrant city while in the district there are over 100 beaches and provides a paradise for anglers and divers.  

Whangarei's attractions and dining venues are generally located within an easy walk or short drive to the motel.

Whangarei's attractions include:

 Whangarei's dining venues include:

Northland's attractions include

Some of our recommendations for must 'see and do' in Northland: 

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